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Green Tiger is fully compliant with all environmental legislation and the specified standards of Government and regulatory authorities.

Mindful of the heavy impact of transport on the environment, the Company is fully committed to minimising damage to the environment and negating pollution by proactively developing best practice initiatives in:
• Transport fuel efficiency
• Transport optimisation
• Waste disposal energy use
• Reducing the reliance on paper

YDMT logoTransport accounts for one-fifth of the total carbon emissions in Britain. In today’s climate, more than ever, every drop of fuel counts. So it’s essential we work together to reduce our environmental impact.
As a business committed to a greener future, Green Tiger Group plays its part by:
• Supporting a large carbon offsetting initiative partnered with The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust
• Contributing to a scheme to plant over 100,000 trees over the next five years



Authentic Energy Management Services

Since 2007 Green Tiger have engaged with Authentic Energy Management Services (AEMS) and SEAI to improve their fuel efficiency in MPG and L/100km, reducing their emissions and environmental impacts.

In recent years the energy team at Green Tiger, led by Thomas Delaney has taken a structured approach to fuel management with weekly fuel reviews and driver feedback.  Drivers have delivered significant fuel savings by applying lessons learnt during training, with on-going support from Thomas.

Technical adjustments have also been made to reduce idling, reduce speed and PTO fuel usage, all of which successfully delivered measurable fuel savings – verified by us.

We look forward to  working with the Green Tiger team into the future and seeing further fuel reductions. Services provided by Authentic include Energy Audit (50002), Energy Management Training, Measurement & Verification (IPMVP).

Conor Molloy MSc (energy), CMVP(IPMVP), CEMP (ISO50001)