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Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible organisation, Green Tiger Group has clear standards of conduct to ensure that it operates in an efficient, lawful, competitive and profitable manner for its stakeholders.

Employees are a key resource and wherever possible their views are sought on decisions that affect them. The organisation is dedicated to providing safe, comfortable working conditions and ensuring that equal opportunities exist in the workplace.

Fundraising efforts and charity event sponsorship are key elements in the Companies philanthropy.

Charity begins at home and so Green Tiger Group has been involved since 1998 in a unique local school project called Saint Ultans (CHY no. 18314) – a dedicated childcare project that covers Nursery, Early Education, Primary School and Child Care Service – http://www.stultans.ie

The following list of activities shows the commitment that the Management & Staff have shown to this and other charity work:

Making dreams come true – David’s Day

Cycling events for Charitysee the list here

Swimming events for Charity – including a bus fund raiser

Support to Swimming – 10th Eastern Bay Invitational International

Children’s Christmas Art Competition in the St Ultans project – see the winning designs here (A thank you from Jerry Kiersey for all the support given to the St Ultans project).

Vehicles wanted for Ukraine – The story, pictures and help offered

Dear all,

As you know I have pestered you for sponsorship for my swims for St Ultans for far too long (more to come).   This is the gang performing on the Late Late Toy Show.   We have come a long way in Cherry Orchard from the Halloween Riots of ’96, and this makes for better television.

Best wishes to all and many thanks, Jerry.

To see St Ultans students on the Late Late Toy Show – click on this Video link http://youtu.be/SmE3uQ_2_R0

Jerry Kiersey F.C.I.L.T.